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The Delta Engineering Group provides project management and execution services to  a range of industries, including Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance, Construction, Project and Plant Shutdown..

These sectors include Oil and Gas, Power and Renewable Energy, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Textile, Pharmaceutical and the Food & Drink industry.



The Delta Engineering Group offers a complete engineering service to a wide range of sectors.

Delta employ a highly skilled and committed workforce, in a range of disciplines such as; Design Engineering, Project Management, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Health and Safety professionals. The above disciplines are supported by a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

The Delta Engineering Group ensures that each skilled member of staff is vastly experienced within their own sector and take pride in the quality of their combined skills, performance and results.

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Oil & Gas

The ever-increasing demand for oil and natural gas places a great deal of pressure on the companies that supply them. As a sector on a global scale, the procurement, refinement…

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Power & Renewable Energy

Delta provide expertise to the power and energy industries and offer vast experience in Design, Maintenance and Outage Works. We have an unrivalled commitment...

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Chemical & Petrochemical

The demands placed upon companies within the chemical and petrochemical field are more challenging than ever before. This may make it difficult to stay ahead with projects...

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Our specialists and engineers take care of the installation and commissioning of machines and ensure spare parts availability to minimize your downtime...

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Delta has extensive experience delivering mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and electrical control systems to the Pharmaceutical industry...

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Food & Drink

In an industry that is defined by efficiency, production capacity and functionality, it is essential to obtain and maintain only the highest quality machinery. Regular maintenance...

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Civil Engineering

Industrial civil engineering requires unique solutions that may have to address vibration, chemical resistance, corrosion, handling of solid and liquid effluent...

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Design Engineering

Engineering is a complex field which requires precision, efficiency and experience. Delta Engineering Group takes a conceptual design and turns it into reality...

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Project Management

Project Management is one of the most critical components of any engineering package. The planning, time management and budget can all vary greatly depending on the quality...

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Procurement is a service that requires a unique set of skills including demand, sourcing, preparation, process, negotiation, development and selling. As a vendor and supplier, Delta Engineering...

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Offsite Manufacture

The Delta Engineering Group is renowned within the engineering industry for its ability to provide effective manufacturing solutions to the highest quality...

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Precision Engineering

As the name suggests, precision engineering is one of the most precise services we offer; one that demands complete accuracy. When this high level of accuracy must be achieved...

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Plant Maintenance

In a competitive industry that waits for no-one, it is essential to maintain a steady workflow. After all, it is efficiency that breeds success. Is your production capacity rate at…

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Site Installations

Delta has the skills, products and experience to provide the highest level of service, design and installation across all aspects of mechanical and electrical installation services...

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Plant Shutdowns

The Delta Engineering Group and its management have in-depth experience in the Construction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of steel Storage Tanks having been associated ...

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Storage Tank Maintenance

The Delta Engineering Group and its management have in-depth experience in the Construction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of steel Storage Tanks having been...

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Delta Engineering Group Companies

Delta Engineering Group

Delta Engineering Group (Delta) was formed in 2007 to offer a bespoke service to the engineering industry. The company is a private limited...

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Star Delta

Stardelta's experienced management team have unrivalled experience in the specialist field of industrial motor rewinds and repairs...

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Industrial Freezer Services

Having years of experience in the food industry servicing and repairing Industrial Freezers, we are proud to have been providing a vital service...

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Stardelta Power & Control

To fulfil Delta Engineering Group's business model of continuous growth and being in a position to supply a complete service to all our clients...

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Humberside Electrical and Instrumentation Ltd are a dedicated provider of a wide range of electrical and instrumentation services to our clients...

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Hewson And Turrell

Hewson and Turrell are a team of engineering specialists who offer a range of high-quality services within a range of technical industries...

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Grimsby Sheet Metal

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of stainless steel and aluminium fabrications, Grimsby Sheet Metal Ltd specialises in the food and chemical...

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UNIFAB provides UK food manufacturers and food processors with a comprehensive range of engineering services. The company...

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Fabrication & Installation

With over 25 years meeting the challenge of the refrigeration industry our vast experience covers all types of plant, equipment, mechanical...

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