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Oil & Gas

The ever-increasing demand for oil and natural gas places a great deal of pressure on the companies that supply them. As a sector on a global scale, the procurement, refinement…

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Power & Renewable Energy

Delta provide expertise to the power and energy industries and offer vast experience in Design, Maintenance and Outage Works. We have an unrivalled commitment...

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Chemical & Petrochemical

The demands placed upon companies within the chemical and petrochemical field are more challenging than ever before. This may make it difficult to stay ahead with projects...

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Food & Drink

In an industry that is defined by efficiency, production capacity and functionality, it is essential to obtain and maintain only the highest quality machinery. Regular maintenance...

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Civil Engineering 2

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines. With structures such as bridges and roads lasting decades, it is an impressive feat that is still in demand. Steel and metal…

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