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Civil Engineering

Industrial civil engineering requires unique solutions that may have to address vibration, chemical resistance, corrosion, handling of solid and liquid effluent, as well as other functional requirements.

Projects often take place in high-risk environments requiring stringent safety, operational and quality control measures.

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Delta Engineering Groups knowledgeable project teams understand the requirements of the various plant and process infrastructure in the industrial and mining sectors.

This allows them to implement those control measures to ensure that risks are assessed, managed and contained.

Our Services Include:

  • Engineering, Design and Draughting
  • Process Plant Infrastructure
  • Process Plant Structures
  • Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Effluent Water Systems
  • Ash/Waste Disposal Infrastructure
  • Materials Handling Structures
  • Workshops and Warehouses
  • Electrical and Control Buildings
  • Administration Buildings

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