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Delta Engineering Group Commitment

The Delta Engineering Group are committed to ensuring that we protect the health and safety of our personnel whilst minimising any environmental impact caused through our operations.

We aspire to high standards of Quality through a process of continual improvement and the adoption of codes, standards and best practices where practicable.

To enable us to deliver this commitment we:

Delta Engineering Group Commitment
  • Ensure that our operations meet applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, exceeding these requirements where possible
  • Ensure our work is of the highest Quality and that all our personnel are competent to undertake their tasks
  • Provide health, safety and environmental training to our personnel actively promoting awareness of health, safety and environmental issues
  • Foster a culture of continual Improvement where incidents and near misses are reported and investigated and that any lessons learnt are shared across the organisation
  • Implement controls to protect all personnel involved in our activities and to prevent pollution

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