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Delta Engineering Group Culture

Our Culture is one of professionalism and expertise where our passion is to deliver results that meet and exceed our clients expectations. We are confident on what we need to achieve in order to become the UKs leading engineering company and our culture will fuel our growth.

Delta Engineering Group Culture
  • Health & Safety
    Nothing is more important to the Delta Engineering Group than Health & Safety; from our people, customers and the communities we work in, to the integrity of the assets and facilities we construct and maintain.
  • Environment
    The Delta Engineering Group is dedicated to providing a healthy working environment for our employees our customer’s and the public protecting and preserving the environment.
  • Quality and Productivity
    We work to optimise value for our customers, without compromising quality and integrity.
  • Responsive
    We take time to understand what our customers want and tailor our services to meet those needs. We are quick to respond when challenges arise and do everything in our power to overcome them.
  • Driven to deliver
    We have a relentless focus on delivery and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • Ethical
    We aspire to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. This means doing the right thing for our customers, employees, communities and the environment in which we operate.

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