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Delta Engineering Group Health & Safety

The Delta Engineering Group operate an effective and structured Safety Management System that is fully capable of meeting all statutory obligations and company safety objectives in regard to the health and safety of its employees and customers.


The system is accredited to BS OHSAS 18001 2007 and assists employees in controlling hazards and risks to eliminate injuries/near misses and establish a positive safety attitude.

Delta Engineering Group Health & Safety

All members of the management team are responsible and accountable for implementing the system, ensuring that it is followed and are given the means, training and authority necessary to enable them to discharge their obligations fully.

Safety values are strongly communicated throughout our organisation and the Delta Engineering Group ensure that safety is always the foremost item on any agenda.

Our programs are designed to encourage all employees to promote health & safety to their fellow employees and the programmes are structured as to ensure ease of communication to all personnel.

Health And Safety


Our Occupational health programme is accredited to BS OHSAS18001:2007 and confirms how our work affects our employee’s health, and how we ensure that our employees are fit for the work they are asked to carryout.

This includes:

  • Sudden injury at work, eg through a slip or trip.
  • Long-term exposure to hazards, such as repetitive strain injury or stress.
  • Preventing work-related diseases, through safe working practices and ergonomics.
  • Health surveillance of the workforce and sickness absence management.
  • Enabling routine random Drug and Alcohol screening.
  • A variety of health education programmes to encourage the health and fitness.
  • Assisting those individuals on a return to work programme after ill health.

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