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Hewson And Turrell


Hewson and Turrell are a team of engineering specialists who offer a range of high-quality services within a range of technical industries.

Our Experience extends to industries such as Chemical, Food, Power Generation, Shipping, Water and Petro-Chemical Industries.

Hewson And Turrell

Established in 1967 our services vary across a wide range of engineering skills; include machinery repair, motor rewinding and repair, marine engineering, vibration analysis and control, dynamic balancing and laser alignment.

We have decades of experienced technicians working within multiple complex industries, and our results really do speak for themselves.

When it comes to technical expertise, you can count on the Hewson and Turrell team to get you up and running, keep you running smoothly and we offer a 24/7 repair service available to all clients. So if the worst should happen, we’ll get you back up and running in no time.

Our reliability and high-performance has helped to build the strong reputation that we have today, and keeps us ahead of our industry competition.

Contact us on 01472 351 475 if you would like more information about our company or any of our specialist services.